Daniel Perantoni

Indiana University

Robert Allen Karon

Los Angeles Brass

Robert Tucci

Bavarian State Opera Orchestra

Arnold Jacobs

Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Irvin Hollingsworth

Indianapolis Public Schools

Mark Lawrence

San Francisco Symphony

Keith Johnson

University of North Texas

Stephen Chenette

University of Toronto

Ronald Bishop

Cleveland Orchestra

Richard Erb

New Orleans Symphony

John Bryan Heath

Bass Trombone

M. Dee Stewart

Indiana University

Charles G. Vernon

Chicago Symphony Orchestra


Photos from the Rosenthal Archives, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Used By Permission


Photos taken by Bob Tucci, Used By Permission


Recent photos of Ron Bishop, and Dee Stewart are credited in other sources.


Snapshots were taken from the video footage from the Second International Brass Congress in 1984 and  from the video footage from interviews taken by John Bryan Heath in 2013-2016.



Into The Third Generation