It was because of my study with Mr. Jacobs that I sought out M. Dee Stewart (Professor Emeritus (Trombone) 1980-2016, Brass Department Chair, Indiana University, 2007–2014). I was so impressed with Mr. Jacobs’ teaching and the effect it had on my playing that I wanted to study with one of his most successful students, thus making me now a second-generation student of Mr. Jacobs. I studied with Professor Stewart during both my master’s and doctoral degrees. During my time with Professor Stewart, he told me about a project that he had begun over thirty years ago—a project so intriguing to me that I had to look into it. Along with compiling written testimonies by the students of Arnold Jacobs, and publishing them in his book Legacy of a Master, Professor Stewart had gathered the verbal testimony of a small sampling of Mr. Jacobs’ students as well as video recordings of panel discussions, interviews, and presentations with Mr. Jacobs during the Second International Brass Congress in 1984.

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